Where nature and craft meet..


The Lantern Seasonal workshop is a lively group of individuals who use natural materials to make beautiful products that reflect the changing seasons in the year.

Each season has its own mood, this mood is reflected through the work we produce and the kind of materials we use.  We might take our inspiration from the natural environment around us or from the festivals we celebrate within the Lantern Community. The seasonal cycle creates a healing rhythm that connects us to the natural world, and reminds us of our commitment to working with what nature has to offer us.

You will find the seasonal team working with a diverse range of materials such as herbs from our garden, apples and blackberries from the Lantern Estate, willow, locally sourced sheep and alpaca fleece, paper and beeswax to name a few. Each material has its own character and requires different approaches ensuring we remain creative and flexible.

As well as working responsively to nature we are also working with whole processes. Our materials go through many different stages before culminating in a final product. Sheep fleece, for example, might need to be washed, dried, sorted, teased, carded and then wet or dry felted. The different aspects of these processes can be accessed by  members of our team depending on their interests, skills or abilities. We place emphasis on developing craft skills by building on techniques and adapting activities to suit individual needs and interests.

In a working day there will be up to eight individuals who have a range of diverse learning disabilities who are part of the team of skilled craft makers working within the workshop. In working closely as a group we develop not only technical skills but also social skills. Learning to collaborate with and support each other through the making process.

Each of the makers experiences a sense of pride and self worth from making something beautiful and useful that can be sold in our shop or at the Hampshire Open Studios or our Winter Fayre. The value and appreciation of our customers enhances the meaning we get from our working life.


“When I come into Seasonal it brings a smile to my face, I enjoy being with people and working together. Seasonal moves with the seasons so we make a lot of different things.”

Mark W


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