the pottery

The craft of pottery works with the four elements; earth, air, fire, water.

The Lantern Potters are an enthusiastic group of individuals, engaged in the process of creating beautiful and useful ceramic items for everyday use. 

The ware that is produced is often the result of teamwork in the different areas of production from manufacturing, decorating, glazing, but being an individual, each beautiful finished product, bears the skill, pride and commitment of each contributor.

The aim of the workshop is to create high quality products, alongside training and skills development. There are up to 8 adults with a learning difficulty working together with 2 experienced professional potters.

Our enjoyable ranges of tableware include breakfast and dinner sets, using a combination of slabs, jolly jigger and press mould techniques. Each team member contributes their unique abilities to create accomplished and attractive products. These ranges are developed alongside individual projects where creativity is explored.

The pottery is available for purchase through the Lantern Shop or during the Hampshire open studios in the Summer, or our Winter exhibition in November.


☎︎ 07928 917256