The Lantern bakery

Using traditional handcrafted methods and natural organic ingredients

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Where creating our daily bread means more than just baking a loaf!

The Lantern Bakery aspires to create a delicious, high quality product range, using traditional handcrafted methods and natural organic ingredients. 

In the Lantern Bakery there is the opportunity for the companions to experience the process of creating “our daily bread” from the beginning to the end as well as the development of a good work ethos where everyone takes pride in what they have created. The atmosphere in the bakery is a positive one, where each person knows their role in the bread making process and is proud to be part of the team. 

Some of the Companions who work in the bakery have been bakers for 20 years, building on their skills and knowledge each year. The experience of being there each day and contributing in a positive way with such a meaningful and worthwhile outcome helps build confidence and a sense of purpose and achievement. 

Gareth has been a baker for over 20 years and he says “My job is to prepare the cheese buns with pumpkinseed topping, I like doing this”. These buns are one of our top selling products. Simon has also been a baker for many years he says, “It is my job to weigh the flour and mould the bread”.

From Monday to Friday, each morning the bakery team produces a variety of healthy wholesome organic breads and rolls, all baked with love for our customers. In addition there is a special wheat free and dairy free dietary range available on certain days as well as pastries and organic handmade biscuits and cakes.. The bread, pastries and biscuits which are baked each day are sold in the Lantern Shop and the bakery also provides bread for theresidents living onsite in the community. 

The Lantern Bakery prides itself on preparing and baking bread the “old fashioned way” using organic ingredients wherever possible without additives or preservatives in any of the products. This is not an ordinary bakery and involves much more than simply baking a loaf of bread. It provides meaningful work which makes a difference to many people’s lives. Through their work, individuals gain dignity and a sense of self-worth. There is an unspoken reverence and respect for the daily bread that is baked in the Lantern Bakery, there is recognition that a good loaf, baked with so much love and care, feeds much more than just the body.


The Lantern Bakery, Folly Farm Lane, Ringwood, Hants, BH24 2NN
☎︎ 07928 917265
Head Baker: Ashley Black
The Lantern Bakers are happy to receive phone orders.
The Bakers bake Monday – Friday only.