Home Life

The Lantern Community is home to approximately 75 people, half of whom have special needs.

The Houses

Households vary in size from two to eight people in a variety of accommodation ranging from a two hundred year old cottage to modern bungalows. This diversity gives the opportunity to offer different living arrangements suited to each individual.


The houses are within easy and safe walking distance of each other, which are linked together by beautiful, communal green spaces. Social interaction is enhanced through the natural process of the interchange of invitations to share meals and visits to friends and social occasions.

In each house, there are supporters, Co-Workers, Companions living, and working together to create a life sharing community in its own right. This creative activity of living together helps to build a trusting and caring environment. Companions have their own room, which allows for personal privacy.

Each person is supported in their domestic needs and encouraged to contribute and take responsibility for their home. Great emphasis is placed on interdependence; each individual contributing with the best of their abilities to the good of the whole house community. 

Tenancy Agreement

Those Companions who live on the Lantern estate have tenancies, which are managed by East Boro Housing Trust.  Following a trial period, the majority of Companions hold Assured Tenancies, reflecting their long-term involvement in the community and their right to reside here. The Lantern Community offers suitable care and support to enable Companions to live in their own home and to be involved in the community but tenants who live on the estate are free to choose alternative service providers if they wish.

The Lantern Community provides the support for you to live in your own home.  Your tenancy is managed by East Boro Housing Trust.  The Lantern Community works closely with East Boro Housing Trust to make sure you get a well-cared for home and the care and support you want.

folly farm

A rich and varied cultural life, with opportunities for everyone to take part


Social & Cultural Life

A rich and varied cultural life, often highlighted by Festivals that celebrate the rhythm of the year, is an important element to community life that offers opportunities for everyone to take part and contribute.

Creative and artistic threads are constantly woven into daily life, along with plays, music and informal get-togethers. A broad outlook on life is encouraged, and there is ample opportunity and encouragement for many interests to be pursued both as an individual and in group situations within the wider community.

The town of Ringwood has many facilities to offer, including weekly shopping and recreation. Many people travel further afield at the weekend by public transport to visit the beach or cinema, and may also choose to accompany friends for an outing together.

The summer is an opportunity to arrange individual or shared holidays, often seeing companions disperse to the four quarters of the globe.

Personal Care Services | Locations (Neighbourhoods) | Care Quality Commission (CQC)

The Lantern Community offers Personal Care and Support services to people who live in or near The Lantern Community Estate or who use the Day Services on the estate.

Please see our Statement of Purpose for Personal Care Services in the Lantern Community for the variety of care and support we can provide. 

Currently The Lantern Community has a certificate of registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for regulated activity ‘personal care’. As the Lantern Community grew, it has been divided into four Locations (3 locations in Ringwood and 1 location on the Isle of Wight), each with its own registered manager and support team. This ensures that companions can speak directly to the registered manager for their Location and that the care and support teams remain small enough to develop close relationships with everyone in their neighbourhood.

If there are any issues, the registered manager for each neighbourhood is ready to listen.

Field Maple


The Field Maple Location is home to 16 adults with varying support needs, who live in 3 houses.  We believe everyone’s contribution is valued, so all have tasks and responsibilities in the house and the Community, but also whilst working hard everyone still has lots of fun together.

Willow End


The Willow End Location consists of 3 houses, and 13 adults with support needs share their homes with 2 or 3 live-in volunteer support workers in each house. Others join the houses during the day to provide and coordinate support and assist life-sharing in the houses.



Phoenix Location is made up of several homes for up to 17 adults with differing levels of ability. Our focus is to maintain and improve skills and activities of daily living in a safe and caring environment. All members of Team Phoenix, both companions and supporters, are treated with dignity and mutual respect and we have a good camaraderie and ethos of inclusivity.

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