The Art Studio

The Art Studio is a fun place to be...


Welcome to the art studio! Every morning and afternoon, a team of four artists come together to paint, draw, sculpt and create both group and individual artwork. The art studio is a vibrant workshop and an important space for creative productivity.
Our art can be inspired by anything that interests us – including the seasons and festivals.

Many artists prefer certain media, such as watercolour painting, collage, lino printing, sculpting in stone or paper mache, drawing or using pastels, however we all try new techniques and materials to bring our ideas to life. You will often find greetings cards, paintings, prints and paper mache in the shop that have been created in the art studio, and we are happy to receive requests for commissioned projects.

art bells

We value a positive and playful atmosphere, a place where we can feel confident and appreciated for our efforts, enjoy working together, grow our self-expression and contribute to the artistic life of the community. We enjoy sharing our creativity with the other workshops, the wider community and those who come to visit. We’re proud of the contribution we make to building an inspirational place to live, work and thrive.


☎︎ 07543 611119