The Lantern Gardens

Working on the land and gardens at Lantern Community

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The Land Craft is a large and very varied workshop with jobs suitable for all abilities. There are 15 acres of land and gardens to maintain.

Our large Community garden has streams, ditches, flowerbeds and specimen trees all linked by a network of paths which we encourage the wider community to enjoy. Next to the Community Garden is our duck pond and chicken field where we produce free range eggs.


Much of our estate work is seasonal with grass cutting, hedge trimming and weeding predominantly in the summer and road sweeping and leaf collections in the winter. All the leaves collected from our site are composited into leaf mould. A combination of leaf mould and compost is sieved and used in potted plant production on our nursery.

We also like to be involved in craft activities using products from the gardens such as creating willow sculptures for the garden ,willow hearts for valentines, andadvent logs and rings for Christmas.