Willow End Location

The Willow End Location consists of 3 houses, and 13 adults with support needs share their homes with 2 or 3 live-in volunteer support workers in each house. Others join the houses during the day to provide and coordinate support and assist life-sharing in the houses.

All of us, both living in, and those who have come to support, are passionate about living together and supporting each other in daily life and the way we relate to each other really matters to us.

We like being in each other’s company and contributing in our own unique ways to our Community. We enjoy creating our daily lives, going out together, sharing meals, meeting up for events and just helping each other. We like sharing our views and hearing what each of us has to say or wishes. 

Whilst learning from each other and respecting our individual preferences, hopes and dreams, participating and feeling able to join in is at the heart of our neighbourhood.

Willow End Location was registered by CQC in December 2016 and run by the Lantern Community.
Please see CQC’s website for further information.

CQC Inspection Report Summary

CQC Inspection Report Summary Easy Read

Nice bedroom. Nice pictures. I like sharing the community with others. 
— Akane

stasi and friends.jpg

Coming here is like bringing friends together again.
I have the opportunity to dance. I did not really have that before. I can study dance and have projects.
My gran taught me how to bake. Now I can bake bread in the bakery and find out what goes into cookies or brownies- even make vegan cake.
In Willow, we are close to each other. We are open to having friends over. We play games. Sometimes we have parties. We always have friends over for birthdays. We have a fantastic house coordinator. Having support makes it welcoming in this neighbourhood. They are so supportive.
— Catriona



 I support Companions in their daily life and decisions, enabling them to have as much choice and control as possible. I am proud of having this role. I contribute to make their life purposeful and I may be tired by the end of the day but they do give back so much to me. I would never work anywhere else. The Lantern is a lovely place to work.



The Lantern Community is a great place and I have had an amazing year here. All the people here are accepting, nice, friendly and always there to help you. I really enjoyed living and working in Dell Cottage and Dell House. I learned so much from the community life; it helped me to grow because I had a lot of responsibility for the Companions and the house.

I like the people. I have my own room. It is lovely. 
— Kristy