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The working life of The Lantern Community is active and productive, and is a social enterprise in itself.

Our aim is to support and encourage every person in reaching their individual potential, through meaningful day activities. By celebrating and recognising individual and shared achievements, an atmosphere of trust and mutual support is developed.

The working life of The Lantern Community is active and productive for the residents who live here and day placements who live locally, and is a social enterprise in itself. We have developed our facilities over many years, giving opportunities in crafts and services.

Our facilities for Day Activities are wide and varied and include: Shop, Café,  Bakery, Pottery, Weavery, Wood Craft, Land Craft, Art Studio, Seasonal Crafts

Our Workshops are managed by individuals who are highly qualified in their respective fields, each having experience in supporting and passing on their skills to others. Additional supporting assistants work alongside, as part of the team.

To offer a meaningful, balanced working life for everyone, is our endeavour. Each person’s contribution is important. Through ones contribution to each activity in the workshops, individuals gain dignity and a sense of self-worth. Responsibility and potential are developed, whilst being in the workshops also provides an avenue for learning new skills.



This T shirt design was created in the Lantern Art Studio, to tell the story of the magical creative hub that is the Lantern Community. All the profits made from the campaign will go to creating more opportunities for adults with diverse learning needs to express themselves, explore their creativity, have fun together and reach their full potential.

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The lantern WoodCraft

Art Studio

The Lantern Weavers

The lantern LandCraft

Seasonal Crafts

The Lantern Café

The Lantern Shop

The Lantern Potters

The lantern bakery

An individualised workshop programme is arranged for each Companion, suited to each individual’s needs, interest and choice. Products from our Workshops are available to purchase from the Lantern Shop. As a not-for-profit Charity, any surplus that we achieve is invested within the Lantern Community.
We also offer day placement opportunities within our workshops to individuals who are not resident in The Lantern Community. 


Contact: Emma Borbely – Day Services Manager ☎︎ 01425 460204