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Phoenix is made up of several homes for up to 17 adults with differing levels of ability. Our focus is to maintain and improve skills and activities of daily living in a safe and caring environment. All members of Team Phoenix, both companions and supporters, are treated with dignity and mutual respect and we have a good camaraderie and ethos of inclusivity.

We offer supported living so like to encourage everyone to do as much for themselves as they can, but with as much support as they need. We can enable independent living when appropriate by helping with travel training and positive risk taking. We excel in providing a wide and varied enrichment programme as well as using local facilities and being involved in the Community.

Phoenix Location was registered by CQC in December 2016 and run by the Lantern Community.
Please see CQC’s website for further information.

CQC Inspection Report Summary

CQC Inspection Report Summary Easy Read

CQC Inspection Report

I like the feeling of trust and independence about the Lantern.  I like having the support whenever I need. I enjoy the workshops and some of the festivals. A lot of other places are closed and normally just one house, there is not much freedom. This place is so big. Everyone belongs.
— Lorna

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I love the Lantern, being able to live together and enjoy the nature. It’s like a family, like brothers and sisters together. Lantern is a very beautiful place. Lots of trees.  
The staff are so kind and fun to be with. It was hard at first to get used to the co-workers leaving every year but now I think it’s nice having change and I can be more calm about it. I am more confident.
I get to play football for a local team, which I love. I love the weavery. It’s very hard to choose between the workshops as they are all so good and different but my favourite three are weavery, woodwork and seasonal performing. I like the tea breaks because it gives me the chance to have conversations with everybody else.
I like all the festivals. My favourite is Michaelmas. I like explaining about the festivals to new supporters and sharing their journey.
— Ziggie

The river is (and will always be) flowing.
Nine months ago I came to The Lantern Community to do something useful and fulfilling. Before I would start studying medicine in Berlin I wanted to gain some practical experience and help vulnerable people.
Looking back now these past nine months have been so much more – and I have learned a lot about humans in general but I also got to know myself much better and became more independent.
I have so enjoyed the ‘work’, which at some point stopped considering as such. Living together with companions in a community far from home helped me realise what is important in life. I felt so comfortable here and enjoyed my time, which I will never forget.
Above all I have made friends with people who I will definitely stay in contact with.
This has been the best experience in my life so far and I am so grateful for just everything.

Thanks to everyone.


My time in The Lantern has been so wonderful. I’ve learned and grown so much. It will always be in my heart and I will look back with love and happiness!