Field Maple Location

The Field Maple location is home to 23 adults with varying support needs, who live in 4 houses.  We believe everyone’s contribution is valued, so all have tasks and responsibilities in the house and the Community, but also whilst working hard everyone still has lots of fun together.

Our homes are very important to us, and supporters help create and maintain our houses by assisting in making everyone’s room unique with their own décor and furniture.

Joining in the many Festivals and celebrations as part of the Community life means a lot to Field Maple. Through open discussions supporters help with creating plans about the daily life of the Community, organising lots of activities, outings and wonderful holidays. Together we are Field Maple.

Field Maple Tree Location was registered by CQC in December 2016 and run by the Lantern Community.
Please see CQC’s website for further information.

CQC Inspection Report Summary

CQC Inspection Report Summary Easy Read

CQC Inspection Report



I like being in the Lantern Community because it is fun. I like everything and workshops. I have busy time in the café and shop. I like relaxing in my sitting room.



I enjoy living in The Lantern Community. My parents like this place as well.
I get on well with everybody. It is nice to be friends with everybody. The Lantern has a very nice scenery and people are friendly. I go to the workshops; pottery and land. If you work in other places, you need to catch a bus or walk – but here all the activities are in the same place.



I like being with others.



I have grown and developed as a person alongside the companions and the Community as a whole, watching and helping them learn new skills makes your day feel so much worth while. The management are supportive and always willing to listen, they have provided me with opportunities to expand myself and continue to develop in my roles. The simple way of saying is The Lantern isn't just a job, it's a vocation and a wonderful place to be.